Written by Jafree Ozwald

Your true nature is love itself. This is the only kind of love that is real and everlasting. This love cannot be damaged, altered, threatened or changed in any way. It pours out of you naturally when your mind is calm and at ease, and it opens your heart to the God Source, flooding your body with absolute elation.  Every day that you choose to do those gentle and kind things to yourself, those things that bring deep peace into your heart (such as watching a beautiful sunset, walking slowly in nature, or holding a sleeping baby) you can feel this sweet divine love so easily. This love wants to move through you. It yearns to course through your veins like an eternal fountain of life.  Rejuvenating every cell and molecule throughout your system, this love brings pure healing into you on the deepest levels.

You can invoke this love right now by turning inside and asking yourself, "where is the source of love"?  Look with gentle eyes, a childlike innocence and a permeating curiosity.  Very soon you will experience a warm feeling opening from inside.  It amazing how this secret love is always permanently inside us, yet is often hidden behind the ego walls and the busy ambitious mind.  To break down these walls and reveal the true source of love you must engage in a process of peeling back the layers of limiting beliefs within you.  Its those beliefs that say this type of crazy wild ecstatic love is impossible to have and is something you have to do something to experience right now.  The truth is you need to do nothing but relax deeply inside and it will spring forth.  This love is always here now, forever inside you, and no matter what inhibitions and insecurities pass through your mind. No matter how depressed, suicidal or down in the dumpsters you feel, this sacred feeling is available and will bless you by instantly wiping all your worried problems away.

Here's a simple exercise that will invoke this divine love to come forth.  Gently bring your attention to the area of your heart and imagine the most beautiful flower is there, and its opening its petals to the warm sunshine above.  The feeling you receive is what opens the door to accessing the infinite source of love.  Just how it sounds, this eternal source of love is no small matter, it is the most amazing thing in this Universe so you must respect it as that.  It is what brings purpose to your life and healing to all those wounds you carry inside.  Its like a constantly pulsing Sun inside you, radiating warmth and gratitude in every direction.  It shines upon everything you see, touch and sense, and does not discriminate at all what it shines upon.  It radiates unconditional acceptance, giving compassion and understanding to the darkest most demonic energies you know of, which are in the deepest need of finding this infinite source of light inside.

One of the most sacred secrets I've found to remaining in the source of love is learning how to consistently reside in the soul of your heart.  What this means in living from a heart centered life that is timeless, formless, always expansive, positive, and spacious.  To find it takes something very real and radical.  You must continuously abandon all concepts, judgments and ideas of yourself.  You must drop who you are and who you are not, and give all these ideas back to God.  In the absence of these ideas you are left with an emptiness, that is so pure and fertile that only the most sacred experience in the Universe can be born.  Letting go of your identity seems like a huge scary sacrifice at first, yet the reward you receive is soooo enormous that it will take your life far beyond anything you once believed was possible. For it is at the very core of this empty vacuum of identity that you will find the purest source of love, the eternal being who you truly are. 

No matter what is happening in your life you can detach, retreat and discover this divine home inside you. This sacred spiritual nest is more easily found when you commit yourself to places and people that make you feel quiet, calm and peaceful inside. The people who hold this vibration will take you there naturally, just by hanging out with them.  Their commitment to abiding in this healing vibration is contagious.  As they talk, walk and breathe in this healing source themselves, you can feel their connection and naturally mimic this love alignment within yourself.  The more surrendered, peaceful and still a person is, the more love they will be naturally radiating.  We are all here to help each other ascend to higher levels of consciousness through love.  In this process you'll find the depth of your trust and surrender is equal to your level of devotion to yourself. 

In practical terms looking at your own life, how willing are you to let go of your old patterns and excuses and give these up to experience real love?  How are you hiding your bright light from the world?  What excuses do you have for not fully living your life purpose and doing what you really want to be doing with your time here?  All this hiding is a form of lying and is completely disempowering.  Even the little white lies that you may tell others and yourself, these keep you small, stuck and feeling stale.  You have to acknowledge what lies you are telling (ask your friends for feedback) and then summon the courage to let them go. Replace any lie you find with the truth, the real and most radical truth you can find.  From this place you become free and can truly ride with reckless abandon on this wild eternal journey into the heart of love. 

No matter what happens in your life, remember this one thing.  This sacred source of love is always here, inside you right now and this will never ever change.  This love inside you can never die, and it won't even change with the different situations, careers, or relationships that come and go through your life.  If your heart still hurts from losses in your past, bring these feelings and memories of loss into the heart of love.  This infinite source of love will readily accept them and transform them with its bright unconditional light.  Yes, the Sun is always there shining its love on us even when its a dark cloudy day.  Remember this, and look inside your very heart for the source of love.  It is always here now, ready for you to experience it all the time.