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Simple Pleasures

Posted by Deb Kelly on Thursday, December 8, 2016, In : achieving wellness 

Simple pleasures are just that: simple! Forget fancy and think basic, everyday things that brighten your mood when you take time to notice them. 

1) Being outside: 
Fresh air boosts your mood and your vitamin D levels.

2) Seeing someone you love: It doesn't matter if the last time you saw them was 5 weeks or 5 minutes ago. It rocks every time.

3) Being home alone: You hear that? Nope, we didn't either. And it's glorious. 

4) Dancing: Nothing makes dinner taste as delicious as a kitchen dance party...

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Three Tips to Begin A Meditation Practice

Posted by Deb Kelly on Thursday, January 15, 2015, In : achieving wellness 

What happens when you begin to meditate is that you begin to feel into yourself. You become aware of how you feel physically and emotionally. You start to gain insight into your life and your purpose. Intuition becomes more and more clear, and when you consider your intention, you become a superfeeler.

Meditation practices focus on the breath. There are so many techniques that involve different things to do with the breath. You can count the breath as it comes and goes, holding the breath at t...

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