1. Sensitive
Pisces, being the 12th and the last of all the Zodiac signs, is quite well developed. Pisces are very sensitive and caring towards their family members, friends and loved ones. They think with their heart and are also very affectionate towards others.
2. Dreamy
Pisces are perhaps the most dreamy of all people. They like to live their lives in a very peaceful way and are also very imaginative in their outlook towards life. They hate to live in a fast-paced life with too much of tension and commotion.
3. Don't like to take criticism
Pisces don't like to take criticism from others. They like their liberty and so like to do what their intuition says. Even if they are criticized, they won't take heed and will just follow their intuition.
4. Cheerful
On the whole, Pisces are very creative people. They like to do stuff in a very impractical manner and are more often than not very fun loving and cheerful people. Their life is always fun filled with lots of interesting things to do.
5. Lively
As said earlier, Pisces are very lively in nature and can be great to be around with. If given the chance, they will talk about any given topic. It's also easy to talk freely with them as they are really imaginative and expressive.
6. Like to be dominated
Pisces are those who like to be dominated when they are in a relationship. They won't mind listening and conforming to others decisions. In fact, they like those people who can support them and they also like to rely on others. They are also too impractical in life which may be a disadvantage for them and so they need someone to guide them.
7. Affectionate
Pisces are very kind in nature. The phrase 'too good to be true' actually fits them because they are really considerate towards others. They always tend to think of others' good.
8. Like a peaceful life
Pisces prefer a quiet life as opposed to a fast paced one. They don't like to do those activities which require too much of physical work; like trekking or simply going out for a walk. They are in favor of sitting quietly at home, gathering their thoughts and sailing off in their dream world.
9. Not aggressive
Pisces will be among the last people on earth to have an aggressive attitude. They don't like to domineer people but are those who like to be dominated over.