Written by Jafree Ozwald 

"To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders."  ~Lao Tzu

 Quieting the mind chatter is not always something we want to do.  Especially when life can be so entertaining, with so many activities, task lists to accomplish, and people to meet and greet along the way.  The frantic desperate non-meditative mind has become the norm of our society, and the cause of all social injustice and corruption.  Once everyone learns the art and science of taming their mind chatter, finding stillness in the incessant stream of thoughts spinning circles inside the brain, the people of this planet will finally come to experience true world peace.

A meditative mind is very powerful, and its much easier to manifest our desires than with a non-meditative mind.  If you just let your mind always run the show and be in charge, it will run circles around you and not relax enough to receive what it is you really want.  Only through meditation will you see an effortless attraction to all the experiences and results your heart loves and enjoys. Whatever you crave to experience in this lifetime can be yours, and it is more likely to fall into your lap when your mind is open, receptive and present. 

It is only through mastering this mind that you'll be able to master your life.  Because your mind is sooo quiet, you're able to hear your intuition and this makes you able to see the larger future picture of any given situation. Meditation allows you to become at peace with what is.  It transforms you into a receptive flowing energy channel who is in deep harmony with the Universal God Source.  Life simply manifests itself through you in a much smoother manner when the mind is calm, centered and at ease.

 There are many psychological and physiological benefits gained from meditating daily, and I'll name just a few here.  Meditation has been proved to increase happiness, creativity and your ability to learn new things. It improves your memory, builds self-confidence, resolves phobias, fears and helps you to control your life.  Meditation invites in more feelings of energy, vitality, emotional stability and is proven to improve your relationships. Science has found that a meditative mind ages at slower rate and is easier to remove bad habits.  Meditation reduces pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms, is a cure for headaches, migraines and helps in the reduction of free radicals which enhances the immune system. and decreases the aging process.  Are you getting interested yet?

Meditation creates greater communication between the two brain hemispheres, which then creates more sociable behavior, less aggressiveness and decreases your potential for mental illness. Meditating has been proven to help in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction and reduces need and dependency on drugs, pills and pharmaceuticals.  Meditation has incredible results for people with high blood pressure and reduces anxiety attacks. It decreases muscle tension and helps in chronic diseases like allergies and arthritis.  Meditation has even been proved to cure infertility. It has prevented, slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases. It makes you sweat less and normalizes you body to your ideal weight.

When meditating daily, you require less time to fall asleep at night, you need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation and yes it helps to cure insomnia. With meditation you'll see a decrease in restless thinking and your tendency to worry. You'll increase your listening skills and empathy, make more accurate judgments and develop emotional maturity. You'll find a deeper understanding of yourself, learn forgiveness, and change your attitude toward life. After knowing all these benefits, the question you should ask yourself is, “why am I not meditating yet?”

Like taming a wild animal, the mind can get crazier if we attempt to aggressively seize and control it. However, once you approach your mind with gentleness and understand the secrets to taming it, you can have a mind that listens to what you want it to do. The more disciplined your mind is, the easier it is to discover the freedom to play, laugh with life, enjoy the duality of existence and transcend all suffering.  Through a calm centered mind you can access a calm centered body, and truly enjoy this adventure through life.   You can explore the Universe feeling safe inside your being, and open yourself up to the greatest love, intuition, intimacy, abundance and manifesting channels of energy.

"The quieter you can become, the more you're able to hear."  ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

Learning to meditate is not always easy for everyone, yet once you get into it its hard to imagine not doing it everyday. Meditation is the most effortless and relaxing thing you can do.  It perhaps is the definition of a true vacation from life in that you get to practice what its like not to engage or be entertained by any thought forms you have.  You can free yourself completely from all thinking, all concepts disappear and you discover what's left is what's real and true... the divine being within you. 

Maybe its more happiness, money, success, love, and or health that you desire. Perhaps you're on a search to find God.  Whatever it is that you want out of your life, a calm centered meditative mind will always be more effective and efficient at manifesting positive outcomes than an incessant wandering chatterbox. Meditation is that bridge which enables your every dream, hope and desire to have an imagined physical form. It's the mindful link you've been missing your entire life. With the right diet and exercise, you'll find your entire life opens up and an eternal river of bliss naturally unfolds inside you, creating successful joyful outcomes in everything you do.